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TIBCO Engage Site

Tibco’s Art Director, Ben, got a hold of me a couple weeks ago to see if I wanted to do some web development for them. They wanted a responsive design*, which is something I very much enjoy doing, even if I curse at it when it doesn’t do what I want. I signed up pretty quick. It wasn’t that big of a site (8 pages), but I forgot what it was like to work with an Art Director and a QA team. I got complacent in my current role where “close” is normally “good enough”. Ben, and his co-worker Leandro, really made sure we were going to be putting out a top quality project. The end result is something I’m quite proud of. It moves and shakes and looks killer with Ben’s design. I’m keep my version online here for archival purposes (view press release here).

engage_screenshot*Responsive Design is a design that changes layouts on the fly depending on the size of your screen.

Credit Union World

The World Council of Credit Unions decided to end their publication of Credit Union World and only do an online version. I worked with the communications department and an outside designer to create a novel solution for a completely online publication. We decided to go with a horizontal scrolling page using a lot of javascript (jquery) to manage placement and the slides of the pages. It was definitely a learning experience in how to handle so many elements through javascript and make them all work together.

On top of all the navigational challenges, I had to bring in new plug-in library (fancybox) to handle video files within a photo gallery. When I brought fancybox into the system, I had to create quite a few specialized functions to handle all the cases that this publication was calling for. Trying to make three different systems, programmed so differently, work together is always a fun/challenging project.


Calendars and I have a long standing relationship with each other. I’ve programmed my own calendaring system about four times now and each time I get to improve upon it. This latest calendar was built to run a timeline with generalized dates and events. It was pretty exciting to see it take shape. The project specifications required it to work on a touch screen that didn’t have a mouse or keyboard so it needed a simple interface and layers of information that could be interacted with via mouse hover and by click. The project was a huge success.

You can see the results on the World Council of Credit Unions’ website at

World Credit Union Conference

The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) puts on an international conference every year in a different city around the global. In 2010, WOCCU combined forces with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) to put on the largest conference of credit union officials ever. I had the privilege to design the website that would serve as the chief information portal for conference news that would be seen by thousands of people.