TIBCO Engage Site

Tibco’s Art Director, Ben, got a hold of me a couple weeks ago to see if I wanted to do some web development for them. They wanted a responsive design*, which is something I very much enjoy doing, even if I curse at it when it doesn’t do what I want. I signed up pretty quick. It wasn’t that big of a site (8 pages), but I forgot what it was like to work with an Art Director and a QA team. I got complacent in my current role where “close” is normally “good enough”. Ben, and his co-worker Leandro, really made sure we were going to be putting out a top quality project. The end result is something I’m quite proud of. It moves and shakes and looks killer with Ben’s design. I’m keep my version online here for archival purposes (view press release here).

engage_screenshot*Responsive Design is a design that changes layouts on the fly depending on the size of your screen.

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