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Personal Statement

“God is in the details”

I love to use this quote by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to describe my work philosophy. Throughout every project I have worked on, it is the attention to the details that always creates the best product. I make it my business to not only understand the actual project but how it fits into the bigger picture. A step that is far too often overlooked. It is that step that has always made my final product outshine others.

Key Skills

13 years Graphics Experience

Graphic Applications

  • Adobe Photoshop (13 years)
  • Adobe Illustrator (11 years)
  • Adobe InDesign (8 years)
  • Adobe Flash (5 years)
  • Adobe Fireworks (6 years)
  • Quark Express (2 years)


  • Digital SLR (12 years)
  • Film SLR (12 years)
  • External Flash Systems (8 years)
  • Experience in Wedding, Portrait, Product and Landscape Work

Graphic Styles

  • Mid-west Conservative
  • Minimalist
  • Dream-like Soft Focus
  • Bold Aggressive Gritty
  • Threshold and Silhouette


  • Project Management (10 years)
  • HR Experience (4 years)
  • Goal Setting (8 years)
  • Team Unification (3 years)

14 years Programming Experience


  • PHP (8 years)
  • Javascript (9 years)
  • jQuery (5 years)
  • SQL (TSQL, MSQL, PSQL, PL/pgSQL) (11 years)
  • Active Server Pages (ASP, VBScript) (5 years)
  • ASP.Net (C#) (2 years)
  • Flash Actionscript 1.0 and 2.0 (5 years)
  • Visual C++ (5 years)

Database Management Systems

  • PostgreSQL (7 year)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (5 years)
  • MySQL (4 years)
  • Oracle (1 year)


  • HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, CSS (14 years)
  • Site Structure (13 years)
  • Database Integration (11 years)


  • Knowledge of Design Patterns (6 year)
  • ASP and PHP Architecture Design (5 years)
  • Database Architecture Design (10 years)
  • Security Concepts and Prevention (11 years)
  • Secure Network Principles (11 years)


Bachelor of Fine Arts Cum Laude – Emphasis in Graphic Communications

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Graduate

  • Minor in Computer Science
  • 3.717 GPA in Major, 3.514 Cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Dean’s List Spring ’04, Fall ’04, Fall ’05, Spring ’06
  • Honor Roll Fall ’01, Fall ’03, Spring ’05


Primary Work Experience

Web Software Developer/Senior Web Software Developer

World Council of Credit Unions

December 2007 – Present

  • Administration of Contact Resource Management (CRM)
    • Reporting and exporting functionality
    • Contact management and data mining for reporting needs
    • Created importing methods to bring in contact information from various outside sources
    • Linked our CRM to many internal systems to allow for a quick global view of each contact’s engagement
    • Created a mass mail system that is directly integrated with our CRM for ease of use and dynamic list sharing
    • Designed mass mail templates for various communications that go out to 7000+ recipients monthly
  • Created an intranet portal for employees (Central)
    • Centralized all web applications into one place
    • Created a standardized system for future web application development
      • Currently running 32 web-based application
      • Greatly reduced time needed to develop new web software
    • Provided a single sign-on method for web properties
    • Created an online office calendar system to track travel/vacation/etc. of all employees, exportable to Outlook
    • Integrated a file manager system to house shared files
  • Created a time tracking application (Timesheet)
    • Records times by project and cost center per employee per pay period
    • Developed reports for employees to better track where they are spending their time
    • Created reporting system for managers to oversee where employees are spending their time
    • Integrated Timesheet with Paylocity to automate paid time off tracking
    • Created export system to generate actual accounting journal entries with salary transfer information
    • Created system for cost center approvals for employees to request access to charge various projects easily
  • Designed layout for corporate website and multiple subsites
  • Enhanced donations system to include real-time credit card transactions and automatic recurring billing
  • Expanded the original content management system (CMS) to handle subsites
  • Worked with various departments to create yearly international conference website
  • Developed a conference registration system to integrate with the website and mass mail system
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter into pages
  • Created a Google Maps API system for site to create dynamic maps from some of our internal information


Web Consultant

TIBCO Software Inc – Engage Site

August 2014 – December 2014

  • Converted Photoshop documents into html templates
  • Enhanced the html with a mix of css media queries and jQuery to fit various platforms and screens
  • Worked with Art Director to enhance site by providing programming solution to graphic limitations
  • Created various graphical assets for the site


Web Developer | World Council of Credit Unions

June 2010 – Present

  • Built out donation site from design and project documents
  • Upgraded it from a simple donation, to an e-commerce style store for donations
  • Integrated website with social media sites
  • Created many different jQuery galleries to better display information to givers


Web Developer

TAC Media

October 2009 – Present

  • Created PHP/HTML templates for multiple client websites
  • Integrated multiple Content Management Systems (CMS) into websites (Joomla, WordPress, etc)
  • Designed various Flash pieces for websites
  • SEO editing to draw more customers
  • Developed custom shopping carts for both and Paypal
  • Built custom online storefront


Web Designer/Developer | World Council of Credit Unions

November 2007 – October 2010

  • Designed full brand identity for program
  • Website design and layout for philanthropic website
  • Created multiple Flash and jQuery pieces
  • Integrated website with social media sites
  • Created single donation or recurring billing donation system to allow givers multiple ways to donate


User Interface Design and Development Consultant

World Council of Credit Unions

August 2006 – December 2007

  • Development of a multilingual content management system (CMS) for their corporate website
  • Brought in as a SQL consultant to create an advanced report functionality
  • Created additional features to improve the user interface
  • Created graphics and logos for internal applications


Website and Logo Design Consultant

Sleepless Media

April 2007 – August 2007

  • Designed websites for small to mid-sized businesses
  • Developed corporate identity packages for mid-size businesses
  • Assisted in contact development and review to bring in new clients
  • Aided in business logistics and future planning


User Interface Design Consultant

Sticky Inc

February 2007 – April 2007

  • Redeveloped user interface for custom flash widget platform
  • Designed interface for third party applications
  • Created widgets for both the custom platform and other sites
  • Acted as a resource for various design and technical questions


Residence Life Photographer

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Department of Residence Life

January 2003 – December 2006

  • Re-established the photographer position after six years of neglect
  • Set out to expand and digitize the Department’s photo base
  • Created a standard of excellence for future photographers in the position


Web Designer/Manager

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Management Information Office

November 2001 – December 2006

  • Developed a complete and integrated portal system for the department
  • Developed and maintained the website for the largest job festival for Residence Life positions (OPE)
  • Conducted job search for new employees
  • Managed the Web Team (3 to 7 developers)
  • Named Student Employee of the Year in 2004 for the entire University


Art Exhibitions

  • Echoes
    Weisinger’s Winery of Ashland 2014.
  • Whispers
    Weisinger’s Winery of Ashland 2013.
  • Travels
    Weisinger’s Winery of Ashland. 2012.
  • The Call of Nature
    House Cafe. 2010.
  • Senior Design Exhibition
    Priebe Gallery. 2006.
  • Third Annual Student Art Contest
    Gail Floether Steinhilber Art Gallery. 2006.
  • Ninth Annual Plywood Show
    Priebe Annex Gallery. 2006.
  • Fifth Annual UWO Student Honors Exhibition
    Priebe Gallery. 2006.
  • Gallery Walk
    LimeLight Studio. 2005.
  • Second Annual Student Art Contest
    Gail Floether Steinhilber Art Gallery. 2005.