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Finally, I got to expand my Credit Card Processing Class to handle actual items and shipping and taxes! It has just been doing donations for non-profits for so long. I created a basic cart class which I serialize into a cookie so people can shop, leave, come back and continue without worries. Then I made a little front end to the cart so people could update quantity and styles of products, apply coupons and check out. Works pretty good. Now if the site owner can figure out the SSL we can make it live. I’ve got so many other things I could use these classes on. As a bonus, I got to drag out my really old (php 4) form validation class I wrote and upgrade the heck out of it. Works so much more cleanly now. The one I normally use is owned by my current employer and uses so many other systems that it just gets a bit confusing at times. This one is really straight forward, but with room to grow for sure.

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