Site Email Admin

Emails that were generated by World Council’s web server were always hand coded and handled in application code, making them hard to maintain. Any time someone wanted to make a change to them, they had to ask me to send them the email for a base line, then they would copy it into a word processor and make the edits and send it back and I’d make the changes. That process was filled with chances for error. To fix all of this, I created an app that condensed all the emails into a single admin where it could be edited and tested. The system has security to grant employees access to groups of emails, but also has version control so if someone messed an email up, it can always be recovered.

In addition, the class I created to load the emails in code does all the complicated css replacing and content swapping that is required to make things look good in outlook. This is a function that I hadn’t had access to in my application code previously and really makes everything much smoother.

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