Timesheet App

After wanting to build this app for so many years, I finally got the time to make it happen. It’s a simple idea, a time sheet; punch in, punch out, take vacation, total hours worked. There are plenty of apps out there already that I could have used, but none that I liked or saw myself using on a daily basis. It only took me a couple days to get the basic structure hammered out and another day or so to integrate it with my calendaring system for the time-off functions. I’ve been using it all month and it is sweet! Click a button and I’m working on something. Click another and I switched jobs. Reporting is awesome. I love seeing the breakdown per day and per month of where I’m spending my time. I’m hoping that I can tune my days to be more efficient, because I’m that kind of guy. Probably the app I’m most happy with lately. Something that just “works”.


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