Who am I?

A Graphic Designer

I graduated from UW Oshkosh with a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Communications.

I worked for the University’s Dept. of Residence Life as their Lead Web Designer as well as one of their Print Graphic Designers. There I created and honed my design skills, cutting my teeth on everything from posters to mailers to conference promotional material. I got to experience tight deadlines and zero budgets and clients who wanted the sky.

After college, I moved out to California and got a job with a start up company where I designed their flash application’s UI, a few logos and icon sets for some of their small projects. I got to create some amazing 3d renderings of all sorts of things. They allowed me to just imagine some crazy things and make them into a reality.

When that consulting job finished I moved on to a web and print design firm named Sleepless Media where I worked as a graphic design consultant. I designed websites, logos and converted everyone designs into html. We made everything: e-commerce sites, storybook sites, restaurant sites. It was a great job and still to this day the art director and I still collaborate on projects.

I moved on and found myself working for a non-profit that I still work for, The World Council of Credit Unions, as an all around web person. I design their internal tools’ UI, most of their websites, a few of their logos and anything else they need.

A Developer

I’ve been programming for what seems like forever. I was my high school’s webmaster while doing freelance flash project on the side. I started college as a computer science major but changed it to a minor after I attended a life changing conference in San Francisco.

I worked for the University’s Dept. of Residence Life as their Lead Web Developer/Designer where I wrote their student and staff portal system, an international conference registration system/job search site, and systems to manage network hardware through a web interface among other things.

After college, I only looked for graphic design jobs, only using my programmer skills when I needed to, though I never stopped writing markup.

I finally started working at the World Council of Credit Unions as a Web Software Consultant, working remotely to create and extend their online systems and web presence. After working as a consultant for a few years I became a full time Web Software Developer. I created a portal system for their staff, a multi-lingual content management system that handles multiple websites and many tools to automate processes.


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